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Benefits of receiving faxes in your Yahoo Mail Account with INSTANT SIGNUP.

Yahoo mail faxing (powered by BizFax) makes receiving a fax as easy as opening an email. Enjoy 100% free fax to Yahoo email in less than 2 minutes and let your faxes find your Yahoo account wherever you are.  When you sign up for an Free Ymail Fax to Email Account all faxes sent to your new Yahoo Fax Number will be delivered directly to your Ymail inbox. Faxes are delivered as normal email with a PDF or TIF attachment. It's really simple and very easy to use!

Benefits of getting a free Yahoo Mail Fax Number?

  • Fax to email is Green. It offers huge savings on paper, ink, electricity, maintenance, etc.
  • Requires no special software, to buy or to download.
  • You'll receive a Yahoo Mail Fax Number that is never busy.
  • Faxes are delivered in either Tiff or PDF format.

Fax to Yahoo Mail questions

Do I get a real fax number?
Yes. To the person faxing you it looks and acts like any normal fax number which they can dial on any fax machine. When someone sends a fax to your number, the fax is converted to an mail attachment and emailed to your Yahoo email address.  (This service is powered by BizFax)

What if I already have a other fax number?
If you already have a fax number and want to keep it, there is no problem. Just contact your phone company and call-forward the number to your new Yahoo Mail Fax number. Or you could cancel your current number and let us give you a free fax to yahoo email number and stop paying the high cost of an extra fax line.

You need to have a Yahoo mail address first!
To get your Ymail email address please go to login.yahoo.com or  mail.yahoo.com and click on "Create new account". Alternatively you can go to the yahoo home page Yahoo and click on mail. Once you have your ymail address you can obtain a yahoo mail fax number at the top of this page within two minutes.

 Can I also receive faxes on any of my other email accounts?
Absolutely, you can have two email addresses linked with your one fax number. Every time you receive a fax, both email address ( your primary and secondary) will receive the fax.  You can use any email account to receive faxes into your webmail or Outlook based email address. It does not matter which account is which. Get your peers to also each get their own number linked to their email address! 

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Yahoo Mail Login and links

  • Yahoo Mail Login
    You can login to your Ymail account here, however you do not need to login to get a free fax to email number
  • Create new account
    To create a new yahoo mail account click on this link. Before you can get a email fax number  for your yahoo email address you have to signup on Yahoo first.
  • Get a Yahoo mail fax number
    Once you have an email address (any email address) you can get you yahoo fax number here on this page.
  • Yahoo Mail Wikipedia
    Yahoo! Mail is a web mail service provided by Yahoo!. It was inaugurated in 1997 , and, according to comScore, Yahoo! Mail was the second largest web-based ...
  • Yahoomail-Twitter
    Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favourite celebrities, and breaking news.
  • Yahoo mail Blog
    The latest scoop on Yahoo! Mail product updates, new releases, bug fixes,
  • Yahoo Mail Facebook
    The official Facebook page for Yahoo! Mail. - Yahoo Email has a big following on Facebook. Make sure you visit the Facebook page for the latest updates and info. You can like this page and interact directly with your Yahoo mail account.
  • Yahoo mail on Google
    Your ymail can also interact with your Google aps and features.  To setup your Ymail Google integration please follow this link
  • Yahoo mail help
    For any help on your Yahoo Mail follow this link for a comprehensive support and full info on all the available features.
  • Can't Access your ymail account
    Did you forget your password, email address or struggling to access your account.  Click here to see what you can do.
  • Yahoo Mail Android Market
    Experience the faster, smarter, richer Yahoo! Mail- made for your Android phone The official Yahoo! Mail app for Android - Multiple Yahoo!
  • Yahoo Mail News on Google
    Google offers comprehensive stories on yahoomail with all the latest and greatest news and updated.  Any new development in the ymail front will be in an news article right here. Any Yahoo news for South Africa can be found here

Yahoo Mail Article

Yahoo! Comes to South Africa - full article
Gadget.co.za reports that Yahoo! has announced the launch of a new Yahoo! homepage in South Africa, new Yahoo! Mail and a new Yahoo! News offering for South Africans. This provides Yahoo!'s South African users with South African news stories, sports news and entertainment content together with the best of Yahoo!'s international media services currently available in other countries.
Now advertisers can launch their campaigns across Yahoo!'s footprint in a consistent brand environment - and in a matter of hours.

Yahoo! reaches nearly two in every five South Africans online and, with the total internet population growing at about 20% a year; South Africa is a fast growing internet market with a big opportunity for advertisers seeking to reach audiences online. A digital advertising spend that is approximately 2% of the total spend offers opportunities for new advertisers to reach a rapidly growing audience online in a highly measurable way. Very similar to that of Google Ad Words.

Matt West, director content partners and expansion markets for Yahoo!, said: "This is a great opportunity for Yahoo! to (offer) its existing and new users in South Africa the best of Yahoo!'s services and content alongside great local content." This, West told Gadget.co.za, is a first step - there's more to come. Internet users are coming rapidly online and Yahoo!'s unique content positions it well to work with advertisers and agencies in the ever-expanding online advertising market in South Africa.

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